Friday, November 21, 2008

Hieroglyphic Text Processing Programs

Hieroglyphic text processing programs allows script of hieroglyphics to be studied, analyzed, and edited by a computer. Two hieroglyphic text-processing programs are Glyph for Windows and MacScribe.

Glyph for Windows

Glyph for Windows is a hieroglyphic text-processing program designed for IBM-compatible computers. The program runs along with Microsoft Windows. With this program, hieroglyphic scripts can be easily processed and print out in sharp quality by any kind of printer, although laser printers produce the most fluent lines of hieroglyphics. Glyph for Windows looks similar to many Windows applications, with functions and options can be found in pulldown menus, dialog boxes, and hot keys.

Hieroglyphics are entered in the main window in code form. The codes are Gardiner numbers or the glyphs' phonetic value combined with codes that signify the position of the glyph. While code is entered into the main window, a bar on the bottom of the window shows the represented hieroglyphic on each respective line. The Egyptologist can easily edit or change codes that may be incorrect. The entire document can be viewed in hieroglyphic form in a separate pop-up window.

Glyph for Windows designed user-friendly for easy use by the most traditional Egyptologist. Glyph for Windows is able to produce lines or columns of text, both from left-to-right and from right-to-left. The program can process any sign, from simple groupings to complex. Signs can be shaded to represent damaged or partly lost signs. Also the program has the capability of creating cartouches, Serekhs and Hwt-enclosures.


MacScribe offers two major features. First, MacScribe is designed to work with Macintosh computers. Also, it allows the user to process hieroglyphics using internationally accepted hieroglyphic computer-encoding standards. Like Glyph for Windows, hieroglyphs can be entered using the signs' Gardiner number or phonetic value. However, they can also be entered by choosing them from a window using a mouse click.

Using MacScribe a sign can be rotated or inverted. It allows text to be formatted in lines or columns or from right-to-left or left-to-right. The codes for the hieroglyphics are hidden. Also, text can be export to other applications and programs. MacScribe is capable of using any Macintosh hieroglyphic font.


Glyph for Windows:


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