Sunday, February 10, 2008

Greece history The early and middle of Helladic

The early and middle Helladic period.
In the third millennium BC a tribe, which strongly resembled the original inhabitants of Crete, invaded Hellas over the sea from the south-east. They spoke a non-Greek language, and remains of this language can be found in some Greek words, mostly geographical names.

Around 2100 BC Indo-European tribes conquered Hellas. It is not known where these tribes came from, some say the north while others say that they had their roots in Asia Minor. This invasion formed the start for the middle Helladic period. At some places, like Lerna and Tiryns, this meant destruction, but quite often it only meant changes in the culture.

This whole process is known as "the coming of the Greeks", or at least of people who spoke an Indo-European language that mixed with the original language and formed the Greek language. The Acheans, the name used by the later Greeks for these people, did not reach Crete, but Hellas became very much influenced by its powerful neighbour.

Not much is know about this era as it was one with a low cultural level, with at first contrast between the different tribes, which was later on replaced by integration.

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